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Working Papers


Doing Good Well? CSR Design after the 2013 Reform to the India Companies Act (with Christiane Bode) 
Conditionally accepted at the Strategic Management Journal
We investigate how 12,086 firms designed 86,755 CSR projects in the first four years after India passed its pioneering 2013 CSR law. We first examine firms' choices of social causes, geographic locations, implementation modes, and how many projects to pursue. We then abductively compare these choices to divergent theoretical expectations. We propose that institutional and instrumental stakeholder mechanisms drive homogeneity across most firms’ CSR design, at odds with strategic and social impact goals. In contrast, leading firms and SOEs differentiate their CSR design by addressing a broader set of stakeholder preferences and targeting both strategic and altruistic aims. These insights raise critical questions about how CSR design can help firms address Grand Challenges and shed light on the benefits and limitations of CSR regulation.
From Political Ties to NGO Donations? The Strategic Reconfiguration of Cross-Sector Interactions (with Marina Gama)
Under review
We study under what conditions firms and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) collaborate after an institutional shift decreases the value of corporate political ties. While such shifts should increase the likelihood of firm-NGO donations, firms' or NGOs' direct political engagement should dampen this effect. Conversely, indirect political influence via NGOs should enhance this effect except when it could compromise their independence and mission. We test our hypotheses on publicly traded firms in Brazil from 2010-2017, when the 2014 "Operation Carwash" probe altered social norms around corruption. Results reveal a rift between politically connected firms determined to donate and NGOs reticent to broker corporate political influence. We contribute to nonmarket strategy by showing how firms and NGOs react when institutional shifts alter the opportunities for synergies between them.
  • Connecting Internal and External Networks of Cooperation: the North Star Alliance’s Roadside Wellness Centers across Africa (with Julien Clément, Luk N. Van Wassenhove & Leandro Pongeluppe)
  • The political drivers of CSR investments: an analysis of electoral contests following the 2013 Reform to the India Companies Act (with Christiane Bode)

  • Corporate Social Responsibility And Pandemic Response: Evidence From India (with Christiane Bode and Doron Tadmor)

  • Nonmarket synergies in Corporate Strategy: Natura's acquisitions of Aesop, Body Shop, and Avon (with Laurence Capron)

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